Your next career move starts with us. Have seasoned recruiters offering you more market and company information and guide you to the right job. It’s not difficult to find a job, it’s harder to find one where you can grow and have a team where you feel at home. We can help you which just that. With us coaching and backing your candidacy, your application is significantly stronger.

Are you living in The Netherlands and interested in exploring new career opportunities?

Get in touch with us and we will help you. We work across a wide range of industries. We are a small and dedicated team of highly professional individuals with a huge employers network across various industries. Our recruitment team has worked in-house at different multinationals and smaller organizations, therefore we have established strong links and are able to leverage them at the appropriate time.

Almost all the industries are facing scarcity when it comes to highly skilled professionals. We have a lot of connections across various industries and we know the inside story. If you are looking to make a career switch but don’t know where to start, or you want to keep your job search discrete, get in touch with us so we can assist you. In some cases we even organize interviews outside the client’s office, if a candidate’s privacy is a stake. So don’t waste time searching and applying online and get in touch with us for the better career opportunities.

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Your workplace is a second home. Take selecting your new employer serious.

We offer you the opportunity to:

  • Meet interesting employers
  • Make better career decisions
  • Have a better negotiation position
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Are you interested in exploring career opportunities in The Netherlands?

We have been hiring international professionals for the Dutch market since 1998. The Netherlands has one of the most stable and well performing economies. Dutch economic landscape is very diverse ranging from a large number of multinational organizations to research and innovation centers, midsize companies, universities and various startups. It is a small country with the majority of the population speaking English with of course, Dutch being the primary language. Nowadays in many bars and restaurants you will be served in English due to the growing international population.

Are you from the EU ?

As EU laws permit free movement of citizens across borders, any EU professional can get residence and a working permit to work in the Dutch market. However, some companies might be more flexible than others when it comes to hiring individuals who don’t speak Dutch. With our immense experience, we can help you find suitable English speaking employment and coach you for interviews so you can leverage your position in the best manner. If you are looking for your next job in The Netherlands, we are your best bet as we know each and every aspect of Dutch market. We don’t just get you in touch with the right employer, but we also guide you about the best regions to work and live as well. Information like education, tax structure and housing are all included in our guidance procedure.

Whether you are a Chemical Process Engineer, a Digital Marketer, Financial Controller, Accountant or a professional Chef, please get in touch with us and we will help you make your best career move in The Netherlands.

Are you from outside the European Union ?

We also offer employment opportunities for Non-EU highly skilled professionals. If you are an experienced manager or an expert in your field, we can offer you multiple interesting career opportunities in The Netherlands. With our help and guidance you can make wise career decisions and move to a country with a friendly and high living standard. We will connect you with a company that will suit your unique talents.

To be able to to move to The Netherlands you will have to meet the requirements set by the Dutch Government for Highly Skilled Immigrants. Please send us your details so we can conduct a thorough analysis about your possibilities and opportunities in the Dutch marketplace.

The conditions can be found at the site of the IND:

To help companies attract the best international professionals, the Dutch government has a tax reduction program. The 30% ruling and it is for international hires that do meet the criteria. When all the conditions have been met, the employer can grant the professional a tax-allowance for 30% of the total gross salary for a maximum time-frame of 5 years. This ruling increases your net income significantly.

Our commitment to finding you suitable talent has always paid off