Realizing breakthroughs in recruitment

At Parkwijck we are specialists in recruiting and selecting scarce professionals. We are used to working with clients who have are very selective and candidates who want to advance in their development. We perform best in this demanding environment. As we have extensive experience in different industries and functional areas, we can assist clients and candidates in any sector.

Our clients choose us because we understand the level of quality they are looking for and ensure breakthroughs in recruitment. We make the recruitment process pleasant and ensure that clients come into contact with inspiring professionals. As seniors in recruitment & selection, we know what it takes to achieve results. We are just as successful in recruiting an HR Manager, Controller, Process Technologist, Packaging Technologist, Plant Manager, Digital Marketer as a Research employee. There is almost no type of position that we have not previously filled.

Below are a number of sectors in which we are very active. Of course some are linked.

Parkwijck agency-workers-at-relax-zone Industries
Parkwijck the-start-of-a-productive-partnership-1024x682 Industries


Expert roles in knowledge centers, educational institutions, hospitals, central and local government.

Parkwijck finance-1024x683 Industries

Finance & Accounting

Recruiting professionals for corporate finance, controlling, administration and accounting.

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Our customers in the Technology area work on product and system innovations.

Parkwijck engineers-in-workshop-1024x682 Industries


The demand for Engineers remains high. Whether it concerns Technology, Food or Chemicals.

Parkwijck surgeon-operating-in-the-hospital--1024x684 Industries


We work together with health technology providers and research centers so they can progress.

Parkwijck they-enjoy-a-little-retail-therapy-1024x683 Industries


Competition, e-commerce and globalization requires Retailers to constantly adopt to changes.

Parkwijck life-sciences-1024x684 Industries

Life Sciences

We often assist pharmaceutical and life science companies in recruitment. From sales to medical and clinical.

Parkwijck portrait-of-smiling-business-people-with-different-technologies-1024x682 Industries


Experience with a variety of management positions (General, HR, Marketing, Change, Projects).

Parkwijck man-warehouse-worker-checking-goods-at-warehouse--1024x682 Industries

Supply Chain

We frequently have vacancies related to Production, Warehousing and Logistics.

Parkwijck female-scientist-holding-test-tube-with-reagent-in-chemical-laboratory-1024x682 Industries


Due to all investments in development, our customers regularly have vacancies in R&D.

Parkwijck it-business-owner-walking-in-high-tech-data-center-full-of-servers-and-computers--1024x683 Industries

IT & Consulting

Automation and online services can no longer be stopped. Continuous demand for experts in IT and security.

Parkwijck marco-chilese-oMU-BCclJ5k-unsplash-681x1024 Industries


Scarcity of staff has hit the hospitality industry hard. We help clients to fill their vacancy fast.

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