Parkwijck as your own recruitment department !

Outsource your recruitment to us and stay focused on what you’re good at. It provides your company with more flexibility, increased professionalism and lower costs.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Organize your recruitment smarter

With the current scarcity and highly competitive labor market, many companies are facing real difficulties in fulfilling their vacancies. Especially when they have a significant amount of vacancies and no dedicated Recruiter or recruitment team. Effective recruitment requires skills, knowledge, tools and time.

Our recruitment outsourcing service allows our clients to shift all of their recruitment burden to us. We let our clients focus on running their business while we recruit the suitable candidates for them. We co-develop and market client’s employer brand, set up recruitment processes and infrastructure and recruit on client’s behalf. We take the whole process upon us starting from creating the vacancy all the way to fulfilling it.

Clients use our RPO services to professionalize their recruitment process and fill their vacancies with the most suitable clients without wasting time.

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Curious to know whether our RPO service is beneficial to your company ?