Performance focused coaching for Recruiters

Guiding (Corporate) Recruiters in their growth towards a value adding Recruitment Business Partner.

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Increase skills and self-confidence

We have extensive experience with helping corporate recruitment departments reach their hiring goals. We have worked with a wide range of recruitment teams, therefore we understand the struggle of recruiters better than anyone else. We have worked with Corporate Recruiters, managed their recruitment operations and now we offer our coaching services to help them grow in their role.

Recruitment is not just searching some candidates for a vacancy, it is much more than that. Often Recruiters are young individuals who don’t have enough experience to understand all the dimensions involved. Being a recruitment business partner for demanding managers can be a very tough job. Utilizing time efficiently, having tough conversations with your hiring managers, streamlining internal processes, challenging a recruitment request, creating plans for specific recruitment projects, running recruitment marketing campaigns, actively contributing to the improvement of recruitment services, sourcing and motivating candidates, effective interviewing and negotiating with candidates can all prove to be a very complicated job.

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We offer performance focused coaching for organizations that want to improve the performance of their In-house Recruiters. We provide personal one on one coaching sessions to improve performance of your recruitment staff. We know the role of Corporate Recruiter inside out and know what it takes to be successful in a demanding corporate environment.

We are delighted to help your Recruiter(s) grow.

Do want to increase the business impact of your Recuiters ?